Turning websites into
user-acquisition engines.

Turning websites into user-acquisition engines.

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Vanguard Design Co.

Vanguard Design Co.

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Bello Beauty

Bello Beauty

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New Song Church

New Song Church

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Stop wasting your marketing budget.

Your website should...
Communicate your value.
Beyond just what you do, your website needs to tell visitors why what you do should matter to them. What is the value that your product or service provides? How does it make your customer's life better or easier?
Maintain clarity & engagement.
It's not just the visual design that's important. What you say (and how you say it) is a crucial aspect of great web design. Clarity in messaging reduces bounce rates and helps visitors stay engaged on your site longer.
Possess a clear call to action.
What's the main goal of your website? It could be getting visitors to sign up for your free trial, purchase a product, or simply fill out a contact form. Whatever it is, that final action needs to be clear, easy to find, and simple to understand.
Make every marketing dollar count.
Most businesses spend a lot of time and money getting people to visit their website. However, if that website isn't able to showcase and convince visitors why they need to take action, all of that time and money goes to waste.

How do we accomplish this?

By improving user experience, implementing communication strategy, and optimizing websites for search engines.
Our process is simple...

This is how it's done.

Step 01
Step 03
Step 02
Step 04
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First, we'll connect on a strategy call to begin the process of uncovering your company's messaging & value.


Next, we'll use Figma to design sitemaps, wireframes, and mock-ups of your new/refreshed website.

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Then, our team will develop the final design in Webflow and bring it to life using interactions and animations.


Lastly, we will implement all necessary SEO practices to help you launch your site to the public. Celebration time!

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"They built me a super fresh website that is absolutely stunning. Every little detail is perfect and they really took the time to make sure the site represents my brand well and works super smoothly across all devices."

Nick Stewart

Owner, Vanguard Design Co.

"Micah and Michael created and made me the most amazing website! They by far exceeded my expectations. Not only were they both incredibly professional, but they got the job done so fast and made the process a breeze."

Madison Scheck

Owner, Bello Beauty

"These guys are the perfect blend of professional and personable. They are very talented at what they do, care about their customers and really are able to bring to life your ideas."

Brittany Glotzbach

Owner, Pure Life Health

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Behind the brand.

Meet Michael & Micah.
When we aren't designing websites, you'll probably find us playing yard games and hanging out with our families. Even though we're local to the Bellingham, Washington area (shout-out to all our PNW homies), we love working with clients from all over! Reach out below to chat with us about a project or email us if you just need a friend.

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